During the Covid 19 pandemic it has become clearly visible to everyone, that customers do appreciate safe visit and transaction at groceries. Among the individual grocery shops, there was a strong demand to improve sense of customer safety. We identified an imminent need to push customer safety further, beyond hand sanitiser, masks, and social distancing.

Issues we have identified

Customer’s sense of security can not be easily measured. We conducted series of excursions through the customer journey both by mystery shoppers and by staff. As a result, we identified numerous areas for improvement in many different sectors of security.

Our goal

We aim to create a trust of safeness ensuring safe and secure shopping experience at any point of customer journey. To ensure the desired result, a program of measures was created based of the findings of the study with detailed instructions and rigid timeline. As a result, shop was rewarded with Safe and Secure Service Provider ® certificate.

Results we gained

Through the Safe and Secure Service Provider® process, we have implemented many good ideas to improve the customer experience related to secure transactions:

  • Trustworthy shopping environment
  • Increased factual safety

  • Freedom of Customer to choose safe shopping

  • Increased revenue

  • Improved job satisfaction of staff

  • Less sick leaves

Solution we offered

With scientifically designed Safe and Secure Service Provider® process we provided: