Annitech enables sustainable growth and development to companies and public sector organizations. We help our clients to find sustainable solutions to make effective business.

Annitech provides analytics, development and leadership services for IT, finance and security purposes. Our customer references consist of both industrial and public sector actors.

How do you manage and finance your organization? How do you support your staff to provide safe and secure services to customers?

Our Story


Together with our father, my brother and his wife and her father we decided to make things work. Professionally we’re a family of engineers plus I’m the social scientist. We made the equation and Annitech was born.

The need for business companies and public entities to face their economic challenges and scale their activities without losing the edge is evident. This means making wise and right choices with people, technology and economy. We decided to put our brains together and make things work.

Customer Feedback

”We have noticed that customers do appreciate safe transactions in the grocery store. Through the Safe and Secure Service Provider process, we have implemented many good ideas to improve the customer experience related to secure transactions. Security arises from small deeds in everyday activities. The entire staff eagerly joined the development work. Project had a strong link to development of entire business.”

Merchant Mikko Valtonen, K-Market Vellamonkatu



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